Next Choshen Mishpat Shiur / Recap of Last Shiur

On Tuesday, כ”ו אדר ב’ תשע”ו / April 5th 2016 there will אי”ה be a special shiur dealing with Choshen Mishpat issues related to Pesach. Last Shiur we covered some Choshen Mishpat issues relating to Purim such as: The limitations to the רמ”א’s ruling that one is exempt from paying for damages that occurred due to שמחת פורים. We also looked at some examples of…

שיעור חושן משפט Choshen Mishpat Shiur

לע”נ משה נח בן שלמה הכהן ז”ל לע”נ אברהם בן אשר ז”ל Tomorrow in רחובות at 8 pm their will אי”ה  be a special שיעור dealing with ענינא דיומא – various פורים related שאלות in חושן משפט (and yes — it will include, but will not be limited to, the well known רמ”א about damages that occur in a drunken state on פורים.)

Recap of the Last Two Shiurim

Next Shiur אי”ה will be Tuesday March 8th, 8 pm @ Beit Chatam, Aharon Shkolnik St 1,  Rehovot. Over the past two שיעורים we discussed the איסורים of לא תחמוד (not coveting the property of others) and לא תתאוה (not desiring the property of others). We also started סימן שנ”ו about תקנת השוק. We discussed various opinions as to when this prohibition applies מדאורייתא: whether it’s…

Topics for Next חושן משפט שיעור

The recap of the last two שיעורים  will come soon. For next week’s שיעור  we will finish off לא תחמוד/ לא תתאוה in סימן שנ”ט. Then we will אי”ה start תקנת השוק in סימן שנ”ו.

Recap of Last Shiur – אין שליחות לדבר עבירה

This is a recap of the last shiur We discussed various cases where ראובן is conned into stealing for שמעון. Are there grounds for holding שמעון responsible? Do we say אין שליח לדבר עבירה when the שליח is unaware that he is being sent to do an עבירה? We discussed the מחלוקת between רש”י and תוספות: who both hold that in such a case the…