On Tuesday, כ”ו אדר ב’ תשע”ו / April 5th 2016 there will אי”ה be a special shiur dealing with Choshen Mishpat issues related to Pesach.

Last Shiur we covered some Choshen Mishpat issues relating to Purim such as:

  1. The limitations to the רמ”א’s ruling that one is exempt from paying for damages that occurred due to שמחת פורים. We also looked at some examples of similar cases where damages occurred based on religious customs. (Most notably perhaps were the Shavous water fights in Morroco.)
  2. Whether giving משלוח מנות to a דיין is considered שוחד.
  3. Whether one can fulfill his obligation of משלוח מנות through sending a minor as a שליח.
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