Killing For The Right Reasons: Meseches Zevachim

We’re starting Seder Kodshim in daf yomi beginning with Zevachim. So before I write anything I should first preface that this is my first time through Kodshim – so it’s entirely possible that I’ll say stuff that will be demonstrably wrong on the next page, but I figure I may as well write down my impressions as I go. The mishna starts off saying that…

Topics for Next חושן משפט שיעור

The recap of the last two שיעורים  will come soon. For next week’s שיעור  we will finish off לא תחמוד/ לא תתאוה in סימן שנ”ט. Then we will אי”ה start תקנת השוק in סימן שנ”ו.