I’ve installed a variety of Linux distributions (distros) as virtual machines in VirtualBox and I am experimenting with them. That said, if I can avoid changing distros and rebooting Linux from scratch, losing all my programs, files and configurations, that would be ideal. ( Of course, I would back up my files and can reinstall the programs, but its still kind of a hassle. )

So I thought about it, and I’ve decided that most annoying part of Ubuntu was using GNOME. It’s slow, clunky and the look and navigation are a bit too “Apple”-ly for my liking. (There were some other problems I had with the GNOME desktop that are too specific to my workflow for me to explain quickly.)

I switched to Ubuntu MATE and I immediately noticed a huge improvement in performance and speed, and I’m liking the new look. For now, this seems like a good solution. 

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