Next Shiur אי”ה will be Tuesday March 8th,

8 pm @ Beit Chatam, Aharon Shkolnik St 1,  Rehovot.

  • Over the past two שיעורים we discussed the איסורים of לא תחמוד (not coveting the property of others) and לא תתאוה (not desiring the property of others). We also started סימן שנ”ו about תקנת השוק.
  • We discussed various opinions as to when this prohibition applies מדאורייתא: whether it’s only if one conspires to obtain someone else’s property without paying (and if you pay without consent it’s אסור מדרבנן) or whether it’s even if one pressures them into consenting to sell their property.
  • ܳWe mentioned רבינו יונה’s opinion that a important person who’s requests will not be denied has to be very careful not to ask for anything unless he is absolutely sure that the person he’s asking wants to give it to him, otherwise he transgresses the איסור לא תחמוד.
  • We explored with various solutions to the apparent contradiction between what the מחבר says in הלכות גזילה and what he says in הלכות עדות as to whether paying without consent is considered חמס מדאורייתא or מדרבנן.
  • We discusses the מחלוקת ראשונים re: whether לא תתאוה is violated merely by desiring someone’s item, or if it also requires doing something in order to obtain it.
  • We discussed various opinions as to whether the איסור לא תחמוד pertains to someone pressuring someone into buying something (or just selling something).
  • We then began the סוגיא of תקנת השוק and saw the גמרא: בב”ק דף קט”ו – The details of תקנת השוק will be reviewed next שיעור and we will begin learning סימן שנ”ו in depth.


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