M.C. DewDropz Site – representing with PHP and MySQL

In this series of tutorials we will learn some basic templating with PHP and MySQL coding by making a site for the up and coming rapper – M.C. DewDropz. We will showcase his Gangsta Rap albums as well as his other music collaborations – such as his Bluegrass Band “The Dewdlers” as well as his techno trance albums which he produced as D.J. Dëw.

Then we will make an admin section where M.C. DewDropz will be able to add, delete and edit albums from his site. We will then use API calls to automatically generate web pages and links for each album in the MySQL database. These tutorials assume some basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

The first installment will come out sometime this week.

If you’re interested in following along and have never worked with PHP, I recommend downloading MAMP, WAMP or AAMPS so that you will be able to run your PHP code in your web browser.

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