I have received a few emails asking about whether I will continue certain series and why I haven’t been posting regularly. The truth is that with the holidays and work, I haven’t had a spare minute.

The Shaare Ora Podcast

I think I have received the most questions about the Shaare Ora Podcast. So I will start with that:

Basically, my original intent was simply to post recordings of a weekly study session I have with my father. Upon listening to it I realized that this was hard to listen to and I wasn’t happy with the production value / sound quality. My goal is to make a podcast that is accessible and pleasant to listen to, the recordings just weren’t cutting it.

I am now considering making a dedicated podcast for this. But this will take some time and effort. Also I would like to publish them on a fairly regular schedule, so I’m going to make the podcasts for the first Shaar (probably @ least 3 months on material) before releasing it.

If you are interested in receiving updates re: the podcast, please sign up here (this will also be used to gauge interest and determine a time frame for release). You will also be informed of written post that pertain to Shaare Ora. (I don’t/won’t sell or share these lists with anyone.)

Please Keep Me Informed About The Shaare Ora Podcast

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All of the other writing that are series, like MC DewDropz etc. I’ve determined to write several blog posts before releasing any so that people don’t have to wait too long for the next steps!

To receive updates about all of these, subscribe to the general Dew of your Youth Mailing List Here:

Looking For New Writers

I’m looking for new voices for “Dew of your Youth”. If you’d like to write on Dew of your Youth, please email me at yaakov [at] dewofyouryouth [dot] com. (In case you’re wondering, no, I can’t pay anything, sorry.)

Sponsorships and Dedication

If you’d like inquire about opportunities to sponsor or dedicate a post or podcast for a yahrzeit, mazal tov etc, or to promote your business, please email me @ yaakov [at] dewofyouryouth [dot] com.

Thanks and a Gut Moed.

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