About Dew of your Youth

Hi! My name is Yaakov Ephraim and Dew of your Youth is my blog! It covers Torah topics as well as web development, banjos and whatever else interests me.

The name of the blog is based on the פסוק (verse) in תהילים (Psalms 110:3):

“עמך נדבת ביום חילך בהדרי קדש מרחם משחר לך טל ילדתיך”

“Thy people offer themselves willingly in the day of thy warfare; In adornments of holiness, from the womb of the dawn, Thine is the dew of thy youth.

[Spoiler: טל ילדתיך – Dew of your youth – is the numeric equivalent of יעקב אפרים – Yaakov Ephraim. Perhaps one day I will write about the actual personal significance this phrase has for me (not just the gematria) , but for now, see the מאירי has a very interesting commentary on this phrase.]

Super short bio:

Yaakov Shore is a front end web developer, rabbi and banjo enthusiast living in Beit Shemesh, Israel with his wife Chani and their three boys.