First Images of Ha’amadas Sakkin/ Shtelling a Chalaf – העמדת סכין/ שטעלן א חלף

Before one learns to perform שחיטה (Ritual Slaughter), on must first learn the הלכות (laws pertaining שחיטה)  as well as  how to prepare a knife – העמדת סכין/ שטעלן א חלף and how to check a knife – בדיקת סכין to make sure that it is kosher for שחיטה. Before learning on an expensive, steel שחיטה knife, we are learning on these tin training knives.

Recap of the Last Two Shiurim

Next Shiur אי”ה will be Tuesday March 8th, 8 pm @ Beit Chatam, Aharon Shkolnik St 1,  Rehovot. Over the past two שיעורים we discussed the איסורים of לא תחמוד (not coveting the property of others) and לא תתאוה (not desiring the property of others). We also started סימן שנ”ו about תקנת השוק. We discussed various opinions as to when this prohibition applies מדאורייתא: whether it’s…

“Hot Sanding” Quills (Kolmusim)

I’ve heard mixed reviews about hot sanding kolmusim in order to make them hard – the idea is to form the quill when it’s soft – then put it in hot sand to harden it. I had to try it. I soaked the quills to soften them, cut them to my specifications (I find that cutting a hard quill often causes cracking – and often…

Topics for Next חושן משפט שיעור

The recap of the last two שיעורים  will come soon. For next week’s שיעור  we will finish off לא תחמוד/ לא תתאוה in סימן שנ”ט. Then we will אי”ה start תקנת השוק in סימן שנ”ו.

Understanding the עונת אביאסף (Part II)

In our last segment: We introduced the concept of an “עונה” – the duration of a יום הוסת. We saw seen that the עונה is defined as either a night or a day. We noted that the גמרא says the עונה of the night ends (and the עונה of the day starts) at נץ החמה (sunrise) – despite the fact that generally speaking the halachic…